BIIF: Bridging the gap in long-term infrastructure financing in Brazil

BIIF: Bridging the gap in long-term infrastructure financing in Brazil

As with many markets in the region, long-term financing for infrastructure operations are limited. In 2004, the IDB partnered with the Brazilian Infrastructure Investment Fund (BIIF) to help bridge the financing gap in Brazil.

Providing $52 million of its own capital, the IDB structured a US$512 million investment fund in Brazilian Reais. Investments would be primarily in private sector infrastructure projects and public utility companies in the areas of energy, transportation, telecommunications, water and sanitation, among others.

Over the last decade, the IDB has continued working with the BIIF fund managers to measure its progress.

  • To date, the fund has invested in 17 projects with strong developmental outcomes
  • 7 million people have benefitted from improved sanitation services in the State of Rio de Janeiro
  • 751,280 tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided
  • 589MW of installed capacity from renewable sources, including wind (57%), biomass (5%) and hydroelectricity (38%)
  • 1,439 new jobs have been created, as well as 3,391 contractors hired
  • 16.2 billion tons of waste processed and 420,000 m3 of effluent water treated and returned to the river
  • Total investment include US$3,214 million that implies a catalytic effect of 61.8x the IDB’s A loan

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