Financial Services

Loans and Guarantees

  • Loans: We provide long-term US$ or select local currency loans. Tailored to specific needs and can be made on the basis of project or corporate finance. Tenors typically range from 5-15 years but can be extended to 30 years.
  • Syndicated loans: We tap into external sources for co-financing. B lenders can include global commercial banks, regional banks or institutional investors. IDB can also syndicate parallel loans to International Financial Institutions (IFIs).
  • Partial credit guarantees: We enable clients to have access to better financing terms from domestic or foreign investors. Guarantees range from US$10 million to US$200 million.
  • Loans and guarantees range from US$10 million to US$200 million. Max exposure for loans is 50% of project costs for an expansion project and 25% of project costs for new projects.

Climate Concessional Finance

  • Through concessional loans, we can offer senior or subordinated debt at below market rates to incentivize private sector investments in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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