Case Study

Subsole (Chile): A Shared Value Solution for Attracting and Retaining Agricultural Workforce

Chilean labor is becoming increasingly expensive in comparison to neighboring countries and is in more limited supply. As a leading fruit exporting company in Chile with a workforce of 2,312 and a total labor force of 22,740 during harvesting season, Subsole has become increasingly dependent on seasonal workers. These labor constraints limit potential growth of the company and stretch company resources to support workers.

The IDB is supporting Subsole to stabilize its workforce through a shared value appraisal that promotes the inclusion of women in agriculture through a number of alternatives, such as:

  • Development of an innovative contracting system
  • Partnerships with local institutions and other private sector companies to facilitate year-round employment
  • Professional development programs that provides education and training benefits to workers.

Benefits to Subsole:

  • Higher revenues because of improved supply and increased production
  • Increased worker productivity as a result of job training

Benefits to Community:

  • More profitable local farms across the supply chain
  • Greater retention and advancement of working women

Download case study: “The Fruits of their Labor: A Case Study in Shared Value”

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