Partner 7: beyondBanking Awards

The annual beyondBanking awards will be given to the most sustainable environmental, social and corporate governance projects implemented by financial intermediaries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

There are 7 awards categories:

  • Promoting financial deepening strategies: accessBanking award
  • Strengthening corporate governance, risk management and sustainability reports:clearBanking award
  • Utilizing new information and communication technologies: connectBanking award
  • Encouraging gender equality and diversity: equalBanking award
  • Fostering financial literacy: learnBanking award
  • Adapting and responding to the effects of climate change: planetBanking award
  • Best socially responsible and/or impact investment: socially responsible/impact investment award

Additionally, there is an award for the most popular initiative: the beyondBanking people’s choice award.

The key factors that are taken into account are innovation, replicability, sustainable development and business impact.

In 2014, the awards celebrated their fifth anniversary.

How it works

First, the financial intermediaries submit their projects, filling a form in the awards webpage.

Then, a committee of experts who are well-known professionals on the field of sustainability choose the 3 best initiatives in each category. After that, the voting is open to the public who can then vote on-line from the 3 finalists selected.

Every year, the number of applicant has been increasing. In 2014, we received more than 150 applicants from 16 countries in the region.

The winners are announced at the IDB’s Annual Meeting. The name of the awardees is published in the website.






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