accessBanking award - promoting financial deepending strategies

Banco del Barrio – Banco de Guayaquil (Ecuador)


 clearBanking award - strengthening corporate governance and risk management

SMART Campaign – Acción (Regional)


 connectBanking award - utilizing new information and communication technologies

Porta-MONY-YellowPepper – Banco de Pichincha (Ecuador)


 equalBanking award – encouraging gender equality and diversity

Banca Mujer – Banco Nacional (Costa Rica)


 learnBanking award – promoting financial literacy

Adelante con tu futuro – BBVA Bancomer (México)


 planetBanking award – adapting and responding to the effects of climate change

Hipoteca verde – Infonavit (México)


sustainability reporting award – strengthening sustainability reporting in LAC financial intermediaries

Informe de Responsabilidad Social y Sustentabilidad de la Banca 2009 – Asociación de Bancos de México


 socially responsible investment award – the most socially responsible investment

INDI Fund – InTrust Global Investments, LLC (Regional)


 beyondBanking people’s choice award 

Adelante con tu futuro – BBVA Bancomer (México)

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