accessBanking award - promotion of financial inclusion strategies

Microseguros Popular- Banco Popular (Honduras)



 clearBanking award - strengthening corporate governance, transparency and sustainability reporting

Informe de sustentabilidad 2011-Banco Galicia y Buenos Aires (Argentina)



 connectBanking award - dissemination innovative and communication technologies

Fondo Personal MiFon – Grupo Financiero Banorte (Mexico)



 equalBanking award – support gender equality and diversity

Empoderamiento de la mujer empresaria – Banco Azteca, Microfinanciera Azteca y ASMAZ(Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil)



 learnBanking award – promotion of financial literacy

Alianza público-privada para la educación financiera a jóvenes de Costa Rica -BAC Credomatic and Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)



 planetBanking award – adaption and response to the effects of climate change

Créditos verdes para las muy pequeñas, pequeñas y medianas empresas – Banco ProCredit (Ecuador)



 socially responsible/impact investment award – best action in socially responsible and/or impact investment

Investing in businesses driving social & economic impact – Grassroots Business Fund (Regional)



 beyondBanking people’s choice award - most popular project

Fondo Personal MiFon – Grupo Financiero Banorte (Mexico)

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