Financial Markets

Financial Markets

The IDB contributes to the creation of sustainable financial systems in LAC by combining knowledge and experience with tradition and innovation.

The IDB’s beyondBanking is the platform to achieve this objective. beyondBanking promotes the adoption of sustainable social, environmental and governance practices by financial intermediaries (FIs) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through six strategic pillars:

  • accessBanking: Promote financial inclusion strategies
  • clearBanking: Strengthen corporate governance, transparency and sustainability reporting
  • connectBanking: Disseminate innovative information and communication technologies
  • equalBanking: Support gender equality and diversity in FIs
  • learnBanking: Foster financial education and responsible financial decision-making
  • planetBanking: Adapt and respond to the effects of climate change by reducing FIs direct and indirect environmental footprints

To achieve its objectives, beyondBanking use the following tools and resources:

Technical assistance

  • Downscaling impact assessments
  • Training in the analysis, origination and structuring of “green” loans
  • Piloting mobile technologies to strengthen women-owned small businesses through FIs
  • Promoting inclusive banking practices for employees and clients who are persons with disabilities
  • Developing gender equality and leadership programs for FIs

Knowledge creation

Financial products

  • A/B LOANS: Provision of direct funds with flexible tenors tailored to Fis’ portfolio needs
  • GUARANTEES: Risk-sharing structures designed to expand FI portfolios and strengthen credit for debt issuances, portfolio securitizations and trade finance products; issued in local or foreign currencies

Green lines: 

Support FIs to promote environmental initiatives that reduce their direct and indirect carbon footprints by highlighting and incentivizing green business opportunities.

Promote on-lending in the following key environmental sub-sectors:

Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency,  Cleaner Production, Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Forestry, Biomass

Access2Finance lines: 

Supports financial intermediaries to reach specific stakeholders through customized credit lines:

  • access2People: fosters inclusive financing for households traditionally excluded by mainstream markets.
  • access2Services: offers financing to support key services such as health, education and infrastructure.
  • access2MSMEs: provides financing to support MSMEs and reduce the gap in access to finance.
  • access2Markets: supports banks and funds to access new markets through the finance of Trade, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and supply chains.

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