Hidrovias: Strengthening regional integration along a key fluvial corridor

Hidrovias: Strengthening regional integration along a key fluvial corridor

Along the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway in South America, many of the barges and boats dotting this key fluvial system rely on technology from the 1950s.

The IDB’s $104 million A/B loan to Hidrovías do Brasil, S.A. is bringing state-of-the-art, low-carbon technology to enhance transport integration among Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay while increasing fuel efficiency and creating new jobs.

The IDB resources, together with co-loans from the IFC and Banco Santander, is helping to finance the purchase of a modern fleet system to transport 3.25 million metric tons per year of iron ore under a long-term take-or-pay transport agreement with a subsidiary of Vale, S.A.


The Hidrovias Project is achieving positive economic and environmental impact for the region:

  • Implementing a modern commodity transportation fleet for by financing the construction of eight convoys of state-of-the-art push boats and barges
  • Strengthening regional transportation integration across four Latin American countries
  • Avoiding approximately 275,000 tons of carbon emissions over the life of the agreement with Vale through a fuel efficient fleet

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