Our Mission

Our Mission

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) seeks to create opportunities for current and future generations in Latin America and the Caribbean through sustainable private sector investments.

As the leading multilateral lender in the region, we partner with private sector entities to achieve breakthrough financial and development results.

From mobilizing long-term financing for large infrastructure projects, to bolstering women-owned SMEs through domestic banks, to surfacing investment opportunities that increase both financial and social returns; the IDB works with a range of private sector entities to tackle today’s development challenges.

Partnering with the private sector, we know there’s no limit to what our work can achieve.

Our Vision Guides Us

In 2011, we launched a five-year focused on delivering financing solutions and capacity building products that will enable our clients to:

  • Improve the living standards of 20 million people
  • Support climate friendly investments of US$12 billion
  • Meet the funding needs of 700,000 MSME’s

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